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Do you need help with a solution as simple and inexpensive as a native seed mix that you can install in a yard by yourself?
Do you require a more elaborate solution that combines Native California Sod planted in Turf Reinforcement Matting (T.R.M.s) and nailed into your hillside?
Or for a permanent solution. How about installed Concrete Cloth G.C.C.M. to control your most erosive areas?
If you have any of these needs or hundreds of others Soils Solutions is the ideal partner for you.

Native Grasses & Drought Resistant Sods

Low Water Alternatives for turf such as Pallens, Fescues, Needlegrass, Kurapia and Agrostis


Turf Reinforcement Matting (T.R.M.s)

a root reinforcement matrix


Concrete Cloth G.C.C.M.

Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Material


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Kurapia sod

Kurapia sod at first harvest attempt in Delta Bluegrass R & D area. That is Delta’s Native Bentgrass abutting the Kurapia stand. Read more

Bentgrass in Santa Monica 2

Native Bentgrass Read more

Kurpia 2 years after install

Sterile Kurapia as backyard groundcover. This is a 2 year old installation and the photo was taken in the Fall after the plant ’s seasonal (May to September) flowering schedule. Read more