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Do you need help with a solution as simple and inexpensive as a native seed mix that you can install in a yard by yourself? Do you require a more elaborate solution that combines Native California Sod planted in Turf Reinforcement Matting (T.R.M.s) and nailed into your hillside? Or for a permanent solution. How about installed Concrete Cloth G.C.C.M. to control your most erosive areas? If you have any of these needs or hundreds of others Soils Solutions is the ideal partner for you.

Native Grasses & Drought Resistant Sods

A native plant is one occurring naturally, in a given geography, without human involvement. Low Water Alternatives for turf such as Agrostis Pallens (Native Bentgrass), Koleria Macrantha, Several Fescues, Hordeums, Needlegrass and KURAPIA.

Native Seeds

The use of only native plants in your landscape helps limit the chances that potentially invasive, exotic plant species will be introduced into the environment around your home. Many of the invasive, exotic plant species present in areas today were introduced as landscape plantings many decades ago.

Concrete Cloth™

Concrete Cloth™ is a flexible concrete impregnated textile fabric that is delivered in dry rolls that resemble carpeting on rolls. Once the Concrete Cloth™ is placed onto the desired project area and secured it is easily hydrated whereupon it hardens within 48 hours into as much as a 6,500 p.s.i. concrete shell

Need help planning or installing your project?

Soils Solutions also offers complete Installation Services and On Site Consulting for projects large and small. They have specially equipped transport and installation vehicles and equipment that make the installation of thousands of square feet of Concrete Cloth possible in a day. Contact Robert to see dozens of Case Studies of Installations that Soils Solutions has been a part of and to find out more about their Installation Services.

Want to know more? Let's do lunch!

Soils Solutions offers Lunch & Learn opportunities for Departments and Contractors that want a more hands on experience with these materials but do not yet have a specific project in mind to "Field Trial" Concrete Cloth. You can email : Robert@SoilsSolutions.com to get on the schedule for one of these informative events and heck, we even buy the Lunch!!
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