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GeoSpray™ geopolymer is a high performance fiber reinforced mortar specifically designed for structural rehabilitation. This high strength, ultra-low porosity material is made from natural mineral polymers and recycled industrial waste streams. GeoSpray is designed for use through multiple application techniques including pouring, placing, trowelling, spraying, or centrifugal casting. GeoSpray can be used for rehabilitation of pipes and structures in Civil Infrastructure, Gas & Oil and Chemical industries. In addition, it is used to repair tunnels, bridges, and roads as well as to rehab buildings & containment areas.

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  • High flexural and bond strength
  • High early and ultimate strength
  • Adapts to any shape, including bends, curves, and angles

Lower Total Cost

  • Generally lower installation and operating costs compared with alternative methods (SPR/CIPP/Slipline)
  • Less disruption to the public
  • Faster installation


  • Styrene FREE
  • Contains no leachable toxins
  • Pass - EPA TCLP Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure


  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • 50%+ of raw materials come from recycled industrial by-products
  • Locally manufactured

Cases Studies and Completed Projects

Arched storm culvert

City of Rock Springs

Rock Springs, WY

Product Used:
GeoSpray, 126,000 lbs

May 2014

Rock Springs Wyoming ARCHED Storm Culvert
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